Live Stream The next upcoming stream: Event: ESKA European Championship - Bielsko Biala, Poland Date: 26-27th November, 2011 09:00-20:00

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Competitions in 2011:
2011 February 19th Gichin Cup, Prague, Czech Republic March 12th Sarvar Cup, Sarvar, Hungary April 02nd JKA European Championship, Crawley,          England 30th JKA National Championship, Torokbalint,         Hungary July 16th Shotokan Cup, Budapest, Hungary August 19-21st 12th Funakoshi Gichin Cup Karate-Do              World Championship, Pattaya, Thailand September 24th Danok Peter Memorial Cup, Salgotarjan,         Hungary October 08th Atarashii Cup, Taplanszentkereszt, Hungary 22nd ECO-Log Cup, Budapest, Hungary November 05th Ippon Shobu National Championship,         Budapest, Hungary 25-27th ESKA European Championship, Bielsko              Biala, Poland Results and reports at the Facebook profile of the National Team! DVD-s about the competitions are available in the Download menu!
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