2011 Az út: lemondva a Japánt sújtó ka- tasztrófa miatt Az esetleges vál- tozásokat időben jelezzük. 2011 2011 The Trip: Cancelled because of the catastrophy We’ll notify You in case of any changes. ご旅行: Cancelled because of the catastrophy 予定に変更が あった場合、 すぐにお知らせ いたします。 Our Dear Friends over there in Japan! We’re truly worried about You All, following the news on the internet continuously. Please give us updates on our Facebook site if Yoou have the possibility (and the energy for the extra effort) in these hard times. Also, if there’s anything we could do for You from a dis- tance, please let us know! We all hope things can only turn better from now on. Watch out for Yourselves, Andor